Tinzzi Dightal Alarm Clock

Tinzzi Dightal Alarm Clock

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Brand: Tinzzi
ModelNumber: Tinzzi-64
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UPC: 714874164330
Tinzzi Alarm clocks with large digital display with 2 attenuators.
• Large, 4.3-inch LED display with no flashing, easy to read with 2-level brightness controls.
• FM radio, until pre-selection and file of stations.
• Improved version for better reception and volume, plus a larger screen.
Double alarm clock with Snooze function
• Two separate awakenings awaken you at different times with the radio or the bell.
• The alarm lasts 1 hour, with the big SNOOZE button to temporarily suspend the alarm, there will be a siesta time of 9 minutes.
Programmable sleep timer
• Use the programmable sleep timer to fall asleep on your favorite radio at different listening times.
• 10-90 minutes off timer are available.
AC power and backup battery
• Powered by European standard AC plug
• 2 AAA 1.5V batteries (NOT INCLUDED) are required for backup. Paper packaging
• 1 * Tinzz Alarm Clock Radio
• 1 * multilingual instruction manual

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